Finding America

Seeking the very fibers of American existence.

What does it mean to be “American” today? Is American made still a thing? (Good? Bad? Indifferent?). Are we truly the land of the free and the home of the brave? Let’s explore together.

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Return to Normalcy?

“Didn’t you read the expiration dates on this stuff?”. The question came from my spouse of 31 years after I returned from an early morning shopping trip to Wegman’s. This was some weeks ago before the new CDC guidelines around masks was released. Apparently, almost all of the yogurt I bought was passed its expirationContinue reading “Return to Normalcy?”

The Working Dead

Warm spring days take me back to days as a boy when I would stand in the front yard, baseball glove in hand, anxiously watching for Dad’s car to appear. It was like clock work. 4:50 every day for as long as I can remember he would be home. Poor Dad would barely have theContinue reading “The Working Dead”


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